What is human coagulation Factor VII or Factor VIIa?
  Human Factor VII is a vitamin K-dependent glycoprotein composed of 406 amino acid residues (molecular weight 50 kilodaltons). A schematic representation of the protein structure of Factor VII and Factor VIIa are shown in the graphics on the front page of FactorVIIa.com. Factor VII is composed of four discrete domains: a gamma-carboxyglutamic acid (Gla)-containing domain, two epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like domains, and a serine protease domain. All these domains appear to be involved, to different extents, in an optimal interaction with TF. The Gla domain of Factor VII is also essential for activation of Factor X and other macromolecular substrates. The activation of Factor VII to Factor VIIa involves the hydrolysis of a single peptide bond between Arg152 and Ile153. The result is a two-chain molecule consisting of a light chain of 152 amino acid residues and a heavy chain of 254 amino acid residues held together by a single disulfide bond.
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